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Welcome to SPEC

Important Notice - Parking at SPEC - Parents/Guardians
are asked not to park on the high side of Terrace Street
when picking up students as the buses are unable to get
out of the parking lot because of restricted space.
Scent products can aggravate existing health problems for those who suffer from
asthma, allergies and many other medical conditions. Please avoid wearing
perfumes, cologne, scented hair products, scented deodorant, aftershave and
other scented products. NO SCENTS MAKES GOOD SENSE.
Thank you.
Cell Phone Policy
Before entering the building all devices are to be turned off and placed in student
lockers. Students are not permitted to use these devices at any time in
the building (noontime, lunchtime, dances, etc.)
The first violation will result
in the device being taken from the student and sent to an administrator.
The item will be returned at the end of the day. If a second violation occurs
then a parent/guardian will be required to retrieve the device. In all cases,
students should remove and retain the battery from their device.
Sherwood Park is seeking anyone interested in working relief as Lunch Bus and
Grounds supervisor. Police Record Checks and Child Abuse Registry are required.
Please forward documentation to the school electronically to:
bmmacneil@gnspes.ca. Thank you.

Parents as Career Coaches

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